Clairfield advises Dunning, Kruger & Associates on sale to The North Alliance

Dunning, Kruger & Associates, a Finnish digital product design and engineering agency, was sold to The North Alliance, a Scandinavian design and technology agency network.

DK&A designs and builds digital products. The company’s clients include Deutsche Bahn, Kesko, Sector Alarm, OP, and Wella. DK&A was founded in 2016 and employs 75 people in Helsinki (where it is headquartered), Oulu, Wrocław, Poland, and Germany.

NoA is a Scandinavian-born creative-tech player. NoA’s full range of capabilities cover all levels of strategic transformation and helps connect the entire customer journey through business consulting, advertising and communications, digital products and platforms, brand experiences and data-driven marketing. NoA was founded in 2014 and currently employs approximately 1200 people across Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland and now Finland. A fund managed by Norvestor invested in NoA in 2018.

With the help of Clairfield’s technology team, buyers were introduced from 12 countries.

“Having seen already several similar M&A processes from the past my experience is that they rarely are enjoyable. Against all odds — this process with Clairfield Finland was. The process went exactly according to the original schedule. We had global reach of over 100 buyer candidates, which we downscaled for the 25 best options and met all of them. Iconic global brands having lot of interest on our company. Among the candidates we were able to find perfect business and culture fit, a buyer we wanted to sell our company to. What can a client say when expectations are exceeded, hell yeah! We have nothing but respect for the Clairfield team. They did their part better than we could even imagine.”
– Tom Jacobsson, CEO at DK&A

Deal team:

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