Family businesses are a pillar of the economy worldwide and play an important role in the M&A market.

Clairfield International believes deeply in the power of family owned businesses and we pride ourselves on our extensive history in facilitating better outcomes for individuals, families, and firms alike. Family businesses offer a business dynamic unique from any other type of company; recognizing and embracing these distinctions, Clairfield always seeks to balance the business interests of the company with the interests of the owners, skillfully aligning the ideas and priorities of different family members.

With strong local connections and a profound understanding of family business dynamics, Clairfield advisors are equipped to handle any challenges your business might face.

We assist companies in:

Understanding their asset base

Valuing wealth

Addressing questions of governance, succession, and best practices

Assessing growth prospects and risk factors

We provide advisory on a variety of topics such as:

Public or private capital market options

Potential buyers

Valuation of businesses

Process requirements

Information sharing and sensitivity

Transition process

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