Peter Prince


Senior Advisor

Peter is an experienced executive and successful entrepreneur with more than 30 years’ enterprise technology experience. He served as a senior vice president of Corum Group, a leading boutique investment bank in the USA as a dealmaker.

He has been the founder of a number of software businesses with successful exits. Prior to becoming chairman of AEI Peter served as the CEO of the US-based software company Cogniti which was acquired by IBM. Peter served as president of the international division at SSA Global. He previously held the positions of senior vice president for Infinium Inc, CEO of SER International and vice president and managing director EMEA for Software Artistry Inc.

Peter graduated from Chiltern University with a degree in business studies and further post-graduate studies at Harvard Business School. He is a member of the Institute of Directors in London.

+44 20 7098 7098

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Peter Prince