John Leggate


Senior Advisor

John is a highly experienced international board member, executive and senior consultant across the renewable energy and digital technology sectors. John has a deep interest in the commercial and technological challenges presented by the energy transition. He is currently chairman of the board of the Gresham House Energy Storage Fund which specialises in the commercialisation of grid-level storage investments. The company is now the largest energy storage fund in the UK.

John is also an investor and board member of Global Integrity, a cybersecurity software and cyber consultancy firm based in Washington DC. John’s central career was at BP for over 25 years. The last ten years of John’s BP career were spent at the corporate executive level in various roles including president of AIOC (Azerbaijan International Operating Company) based in Baku and group chief information officer which involved leading significant integration and transformation programs associated with BP’s industry consolidation campaign with Amoco, Arco, etc. and in leading the digital transformation of the corporation.

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John Leggate