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Clairfield International and Yamada Consulting Group announce the signing of their exclusive partnership spanning 30 countries

Clairfield International, a top-ranked Europe-based global corporate finance partnership, and Yamada Consulting Group, a publicly-listed consulting and M&A advisory firm in Japan and southeast Asia, are delighted to announce that after two successful years of crossborder cooperation, they have moved forward with a full partnership. Senior delegates from both companies will meet in Tokyo this month following the official signing of the partnership on 1 November, 2022.

This announcement cements both companies’ commitment to global expansion and the provision of top-quality M&A advisory services. The formalisation of this partnership will make Yamada the gateway for Clairfield clients into Japan as well as China and southeast Asia. Clairfield will provide Yamada access to its corporate, private equity, and family business clients based in Europe, the Americas, and the Asia-Pacific region. The joint forces of Yamada and Clairfield create a midmarket global powerhouse, with a combined track record that makes it one of the top 15 advisory firms worldwide by deal count.

Since 2020 Clairfield and Yamada have been working together on numerous high-profile transactions, particularly in the industrial, tech, and consumer sectors. The two firms pool knowledge and best practices, and sector and cultural expertise.  This business alliance is founded in recognition of significant increase in M&A activity in and out of Japan and builds on the work the two firms have already achieved in their markets. Many post-Covid trends being noted in Europe are also affecting Japan. These include increased near-shoring, and business activity in energy sourcing, pharmaceuticals, automotive, and transportation. Japan is an increasingly important ally to the West which is reflected in both politics and business.

‘Over the past two years of joint business with Yamada, we have seen a marked increase in our pipeline from Japan to Europe, the US, and Israel, and also Australia, a close trading partner of Japan,’ says Alexander Klemm, executive chair of the Clairfield board of directors. ‘Formalising the partnership is a transformative step for both firms. We have built a seamless team effort over the last two years, with increased cooperation in service to our clients to offer superior advisory capabilities for corporate finance transactions in Australia and southeast Asia, Asia to Europe and the Americas, and vice versa.’

‘This partnership reflects our commitment to building a robust international business. M&A activity in Japan remains healthy. We know that Japanese buyers are looking for M&A opportunities abroad, and that outbound opportunities for Japanese companies are abundant,’ says Ryosuke Funayama, senior executive director of global business at Yamada Group.

A delegation of Clairfield executives will visit Tokyo at the end of November to discuss further strategic initiatives and meet selected Yamada clients.

Clairfield International will be represented by Alexander Klemm, executive chair; board member Albert Schander (partner in Germany); Brad Shaw (managing partner in Australia); and Kim Rizvi, international business manager.

About Yamada Consulting Group

Yamada Consulting Group ( is a leading consulting and advisory company with offices in all major Japanese cities, as well as in China, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and the US (Los Angeles). The firm has over 35 years of history in Japan and focuses on management consulting, financial solutions, international management, real estate consulting, and education. The M&A practice is cross-divisional, and Yamada completes approximately 100 transactions annually. The management team has cultivated key relationships with decision-makers at companies and governmental organisations throughout the country.

About Clairfield International

Clairfield International ( provides advisory services on middle-market transactions for large companies, private investors and private equity, public sector clients, and family businesses. Headquartered in Europe with locations in every major region worldwide, Clairfield offers clients access to local corporate companies, investors, and key decision-makers, combined with a deep understanding of local regulations and cultures. Closing more than 140 transactions annually, Clairfield ranks as one of the top independent M&A advisors in league tables worldwide. The partnership was founded in 2004 in Geneva, Switzerland.

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