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Electric mobility snapshot H1 2023: decoding the driving forces

In our latest sector snapshot, Angus Russell and Josh Knox summarise the most pertinent developments in the ever-evolving electric mobility sector.

The electric vehicle market in 2023 is witnessing a dynamic interplay of various factors. Supply chain pressures, exacerbated by high energy prices, are influencing the landscape, while economic stabilization and legislative support act as driving forces for further growth. Supply-chain consolidation is becoming a notable trend, as larger players seek to absorb smaller niche companies to harness cost-saving synergies in the face of rising costs that threaten margins.

Throughout the value chain, challenges are arising, necessitating innovative approaches to maintain sustainability and profitability. Among the critical aspects under scrutiny is battery technology and its associated costs, a pivotal focus for the industry’s future success.

Even the aviation industry is taking bold strides in embracing electric mobility. Major companies worldwide are investing significantly in research and development to explore electric aircraft capabilities. This promising trend is poised to unlock exciting opportunities in the years to come.

Join us as we navigate the currents of the electric mobility sector and uncover the transformative potential of this burgeoning industry at this link.

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