Charles Jonscher


Senior Partner

Charles is founder and chairman of Clairfield partner firm CET, where he has led crossborder mergers and acquisitions, and corporate finance projects for 30 years, focusing on technology and healthcare. He and his teams have originated and closed over 150 crossborder buyside and sellside assignments for multinational and other corporations, as well as fund-raising, principal investing, and strategic advisory projects.

He was previously head of the European technology and media practice at Booz Allen Hamilton, co-founder of technology consultants CSP International (acquired by Booz Allen), and advisor on technology industries to the UK prime minister’s office.

Charles graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in electrical sciences, and he holds a masters and a PhD in statistical economics from Harvard University. Following this, he taught at Harvard and at the Sloan School of Management MIT. He now advises the Gates-funded Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, Seattle.


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Charles Jonscher