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Clairfield partner in Türkiye rebrands as Clairfield, embracing the power of our global brand

Clairfield International is pleased to announce the rebranding of Canyon Venture Partners as Clairfield Türkiye. Based in Istanbul, the firm will now operate under the Clairfield name.

This strategic rebranding of Clairfield in Türkiye aims to enhance the firm’s visibility and position as part of the global Clairfield partnership, bolstering its commitment to delivering top-tier mergers & acquisitions advisory services in Türkiye.

Established in 2013 through a partnership between seasoned financial executives, Clairfield in Türkiye has a collective wealth of many years of experience in finance and M&A. The senior team, comprising Metin Ar, Niso Adato, Muge Tuna, and Ceylan Ozbilun, boasts an expansive network within Turkish corporates, family businesses, the public sector and local and multinational private equity firms. Founding partner Metin Ar served as CEO of Garanti BBVA Securities from 1999 to 2013, and established Canyon Venture Partners in 2014. Prior to Garanti BBVA, Metin served as executive vice president & head of corporate banking at Industrial Development Bank of Türkiye. In 2018, the team became Clairfield’s exclusive partner for Türkiye.

« Our new name signifies the importance of being part of the Clairfield partnership. We share the Clairfield mission and fully embrace the vision and values of the brand,” said founding partner Metin Ar. “We look forward to benefitting from what the Clairfield brand brings. As part of Clairfield, we proudly share the company tagline: we are defined by our client’s success. »

« Despite the challenging times in our region, our team has recently closed significant crossborder M&A transactions, as well as the IPO of a technology company. This strategic rebrand cements our firm as part of a larger group with a global outlook, emphasising the importance of international dealmaking, » added founding partner Niso Adato.

The business environment in Türkiye is optimistic due to its sizeable and youthful population – exceeding 85 million – combined with the country’s highly favourable geostrategic position. Along with its progress in industrialisation, Türkiye is showing potential for high growth, with manufacturing and agriculture accounting for a substantial proportion of Turkish exports to Europe.

Alexander Klemm, executive chair of Clairfield International, said, « This development solidifies Türkiye’s integration into our global partnership and allows our partner firm to harness all our branding benefits. We look forward to building our business further in the region in assistance to our clients. »

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