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Outlook 2023: How Do You Define Success?

Our annual Clairfield Outlook: How Do You Define Success? centres around our company’s new motto, “Defined by Your Success,” and in it, we asked industry leaders to discuss and dissect how they define success. We delve into how business leaders determine what success is in their businesses and what sets successful investors and entrepreneurs apart. Additionally, we examine the role of failure in the pursuit of success.

Our contributors, from diverse industry sectors, have shared their unique definitions of how they perceive, achieve, and measure achievement.

  • Clairfield partner Luiz Penno and a key contributor to the recent book, Mergers & Acquisitions, shares an excerpt from his chapters on successful negotiation.
  • Stefano Domenicali, president and CEO of Formula One, talks about this dynamic business and explains how success does not change but evolves.
  • Edmund Lazarus and Mark Joseph, managing partners at EMK Capital, demonstrate that careful analysis, ESG goals, and a positive business environment are fundamental to achieving business success.
  • Yasuo Nishiguchi, business leader, innovator, and academic, shares his experiences and explains that success is a journey, not an endpoint.
  • Markus Glaser-Gallion, CEO of the Leadec Group, says that smart factories and green solutions are the keys to staying ahead of the curve and achieving manufacturing success.
  • Franck Baudino, physician and CEO of H4D, shares how his company’s telemedicine cabins are successfully bringing healthcare to the remotest of places.
  • Professor Ahmet Kirman, chairman and executive member of the board of Şişecam, discusses how his company is putting sustainability at the heart of its operations in the flat glass industry.
  • Mark Vincent, founder and president of Chroma Specialty Chemicals, talks about his approach to building a sustainable and profitable business, and the importance of clear and direct lines of communication.
  • Indrajit Mookerjee, executive director and vice chairman of Texmaco Rain & engineering, explains how the railway industry is undergoing a radical change and how success can’t be measured by looking at the numbers alone.
  • John O’Brien, founder and executive director of Poolwerx, shares his insights on building a business from its inception and into a leading global franchise brand. 
  • Andrea Jagodic (CEO), Larry Kotch (CCO), and Thomas Stringer (CFO) from Mana Biosystems insect farming look holistically at people, the planet, and profit.

“The Clairfield Outlook shows that success is personal to each of our clients. Our goal is to support and guide them in achieving their desired outcomes. Whether it is growth, ensuring the long-term future of their company, or handing over the reins to a trusted successor, our client’s success is our success,” says Alexander Klemm, executive chairman of Clairfield International. “We thank all our contributors for their valuable insights and for making this publication so — and there is no better word — successful.”

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