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Celebrating the 12th anniversary of Clairfield with art, dance, and music


Clairfield entered 2016 with cause for celebration: twelve years of client advisory resulting in more than 850 successful transactions with a cumulative value of over USD 24 billion. We’ve grown from five offices in 2004 to 19 in 2016, covering all major global markets. 2015 saw the expansion and unification of our teams especially in Brazil, France, Benelux, Scandinavia, and the German-speaking region where Clairfield now offers unrivaled access in the middle market.
Transactions closed last year highlight Clairfield’s crossborder reach: the South African Oceana Group’s acquisition of the American Daybrook Fisheries; Pitney Bowes’ sale of the outstanding shares of its Mexican subsidiary to Moneta Technologies; the sale of Safil, an Italian yarn manufacturer, to the German Südwolle Group; and the sale of the famous Swedish toy company Brio to the equally renowned German company Ravensburger are just a few examples.
All this put Clairfield in a festive mood at the first quarter Clairfield meeting in Paris where international partners, clients, and friends came together to celebrate Clairfield’s achievements over the last 12 years with live music, live painting, and a modern dance performance.
Partner and founder of Clairfield France, Thierry Chetrit, addressed the group referencing the inscription on the façade of the building: “Our idea is impossible. The only thing we can do is make it happen.” This was the enterprising spirit of Pierre Georges Latécoère, founder of the Latécoère Company that in 1921 had offices in the very same building that Clairfield France now occupies. The businessman who established the first transcontinental airline with pilots such as Mermoz and Saint-Exupéry is an inspiring example to the five founders of Clairfield, who in 2004 set up a global investment bank specializing in crossborder transactions.
Twelve years and 895 deals later, it was wonderful to celebrate Clairfield’s anniversary together with the people who made it happen.

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