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Innovative Businesses: Plant-Based Foods Are a Key Ingredient for Our Future

Q&A with Jos Hugense, founder and CEO of Meatless

Jos Hugense is the founder and CEO of Meatless, a Dutch producer of plant-based meat substitutes serving the B2B segment. The company produces 3000 tons of textured meat substitute per year and is growing by double digits every year. Meatless products are based on quinoa, pumpkin, sunflower, lentils and chickpeas, using a unique production process that texturizes both proteins and starches.

The next time you have a vegan burger on “Meatless Monday” you may be eating a Meatless product.

In this excerpt from Clairfield Outlook 2022: Innovative Businesses, Jos discusses the exponential growth in the meat-free market and innovation at Meatless.

Read the complete excerpt here.

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