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A world in transition: EVs and battery storage

As we countdown to Clairfield’s 20th anniversary celebration in Paris, we also celebrate the remarkable progress we’ve witnessed over the past two decades.

Today we can travel from Buckingham Palace to the Eiffel Tower on a single EV battery charge. This kind of innovation inspires us and drives us forward.

Energy transition is one sector that stands out when we compare the M&A business today with twenty years ago. This industry — which has grown exponentially over the past two decades — now touches every business worldwide.

With our extensive experience advising on M&A in energy transition, Clairfield is a leading force in this sector. Contact one of our Clairfield experts to find out more or reach out to your local team.

Interested to learn about the statistics that make energy transition a hot topic today? See here to learn more about the two significant components driving energy transition: EV usage and capabilities and battery storage and installations.

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