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Are neural networks the future of financial modeling?

Clairfield’s Giuseppe R. Grasso has spent his career examining big questions on big data

Giuseppe R. Grasso is co-founder of Clairfield Italy and has led many important transactions over his long career in M&A, particularly in the industrial segment. Giuseppe has always had a side interest in what we might call the history of knowledge, from the early Italian economists of the 1700s with their theory of money to big data analytics.

Giuseppe established a research arm of his company called KF Economics (KFE) in 2006 to study the data points that show when a company is thriving.  KFE eventually attracted investor interest, and in 2021 a 60% stake was sold to SevenData, a marketing technology company, while Clairfield Italy retained a minority stake.

In this excerpt from Clairfield Outlook 2022: Innovative Businesses, Giuseppe discusses what is next for KFE with the development of new technologies, and how these technologies are impacting M&A and the future of work.

Read the complete excerpt here.

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