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At Şişecam it’s crystal clear: Glass is an object of success (and has been for more than 3,500 years!)

It protects, contains, insulates, is highly versatile, and is recyclable: the ‘Glass Age’ is now.

In this interview, Prof.Dr.Ahmet Kirman, Chairman and Executive Member of the Board of Şişecam—a global glass and chemicals manufacturer with an entrepreneurial spirit at its core— talks about how glass plays a key role in many industries, from transportation to housing, architecture to energy, and health to communication. Glass, by definition, is an object of success.

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kirman shares with us the main pillars which define Sisecam’s business success, the decision to consolidate, and why digital transformation is part of the journey that never ends—and is essential for growth. He says, “Many scientists and industry leaders have highlighted the value of innovative R&D in glass manufacturing by naming the incoming era as the ‘Glass Age.'” It’s crystal clear; glass is everywhere.

Read the complete interview from Clairfield Outlook 2023: How do you define success? here.

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