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Clairfield Australia announces new specialized division: IFL Ventures


Clairfield Australia has announced a new division specialized in smallcap tech companies. IFL Ventures is a specialist corporate advisory division that will focus on IP-rich enterprises with a value of up to AUD 20 million, in contrast to Clairfield Australia’s focus on the midmarket range of AUD 20  to 250 million. IFL Ventures is being led by Graeme McKellar and supported by the greater Clairfield Australia team.

IFL Ventures will specialize in strategic growth advice, hands-on growth support, and mergers & acquisitions as well as capital raising projects. See the website

Graeme is an experienced entrepreneur and business advisor Graeme McKellarwho supports his clients with more than a decade’s worth of international hands-on experience in growth strategy, acquisitions, capital raising, restructures, and shareholder exits.

He has worked with Clairfield Australia managing SME transactions in IP-rich and tech markets over the past several years.

Graeme’s strong tech and software background gives him a keen eye for identifying, unpacking, and highlighting the value in IP-rich and tech companies.

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