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Clairfield Outlook 2022: Innovative Businesses

Clairfield International is pleased to announce the publication of the Clairfield Outlook 2022: Innovative Businesses. Our annual publication showcases our clients’ achievements and addresses topical issues. In this year’s edition we turn our lens to one of our leading client constituencies: businesses that focus on innovation, whether by using new technologies to address customer demands, or by adopting new business models to transform a business in today’s competitive landscape. The focus on innovation connects to both our thriving technology practice, and our observation that all sectors are looking to innovate and acquire new technologies.

This issue looks at different themes in innovation. What environments are conducive to innovation? What are the main drivers? We tackle these questions from an M&A perspective and then ask experts in their fields. We are pleased to feature thought leadership pieces and sector outlooks from our extremely knowledgeable contributors:

Clairfield partner Giuseppe R. Grasso discusses new models of data analytics and their relevance to M&A and the business world.

Moritz Gomm and Georg von der Ropp of Zühlke Engineering and +St. Gallen University/BMI lab respectively, outline a methodology for a company to develop a sustainability action plan.

Andreas Buseman, co-CEO and chief revenue officer of Konux, explains how Konux applies machine-learning algorithms and IoT to deliver unique technical solutions for railway maintenance.

Steve Hengsperger, engineer, entrepreneur, and innovator, tells us about his company Tersano, which uses ozone technology to create a sustainable cleaning and sanitizing solution.

Nicholas Holdcraft explains the culture of innovation at Expondo, the leading e-procurement company where he is CEO.

”Feeding the Future” features thoughts from a prominent European politician on the European Green Deal (Miroslav Toman), and contributions from innovators in plant-based foods (Jos Hugense, founder and CEO of Meatless), high-tech greenhouses using wasted energy from biogas plants (Florian Gostner and Daniela Gostner of Fri-El Green House), and vertical farming (Timo Tauber and Arthur Strum of Viessmann Invest).

“The Clairfield Outlook highlights our leadership role in M&A advisory in evolving and cutting-edge industries. We hope it also provides an enjoyable and educational read. This year it has been fascinating to hear from clients and thought leaders on how they approach innovation in their businesses, whether because they have invented new technologies, strive to achieve efficiencies, or are doing their part to make the world a better place,” says Alexander Klemm, executive chairman of Clairfield International. “Innovative businesses are a core client group of Clairfield and we were pleased to turn the spotlight on these very inspiring leaders and learn what motivates them in turn.”

Download the Clairfield Outlook 2022 here: Innovative Businesses: Driving the Future

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