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Clairfield Outlook 2024: What’s Next?

This year’s Clairfield Outlook is entitled “What’s Next?” and explores forward-thinking and fundamental themes in the business world.

In a series of interviews with business and thought leaders, we asked them about their essential strategies for staying ahead of the competition, how to capitalise on new opportunities, how they are ensuring their businesses are future-ready, what this means, and how to navigate challenges.

This edition features their collective insights and presents a multifaceted view of what’s next for their businesses and sectors.

  • Michael Braungart, an ESG pioneer and inventor of the Cradle-to-Cradle concept, discusses sustainable future innovations and why designers are crucial in implementing change.
  • Glauco Bigini of e-Novia, an AI virtuoso, offers a glimpse into the future of technology and how to use it to future-proof businesses.
  • Hitoshi Nagakura, a seasoned advisor in the automotive sector, shares his insights on industry trends and the future of personal transport.
  • Patrick Siegenthaler, a serial entrepreneur, continues to set new benchmarks in business and explains how ground-breaking business opportunities can arise when you least expect them.
  • Banu Dal, founder and board member of Obase, reflects on the evolving role of IT in business and how Obase is applying new technologies to improve food security.
  • Tobias Bailer and Marc Sontowski, founders and CEOs of the Pension Solutions Group, provide their expertise on occupational pension plans, showcasing how German ingenuity is leading the way in employee benefits and insurance.

Clairfield chair Alexander Klemm says, “This year will mark a significant milestone in our firm’s journey as we celebrate our 20th anniversary. Looking ahead to the next 20 years in M&A, we are excited about expanding our global presence and strengthening our partnership. We invite you to turn the page, join us in envisioning and shaping the future, and ask what’s next?”

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