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Clairfield’s social impact and charitable activities

In this holiday season, when our hearts turn to our families and communities, we would like to highlight Clairfield’s social impact and charitable activities.

Impact investing


The private equity fund Mexico Development I was named a Best for the World Fund for the second consecutive year by B the Change Media for setting the bar in impact investing. The fund is managed by PC Capital Management, the private equity arm of Clairfield International’s partner in Mexico. Mexico Development I invests in opportunities that are overlooked by the country’s traditional investors. Its mission is to generate wealth through the generation of superior financial returns and substantial social impact in the communities where its companies operate. The fund may invest in any industry, but has preference for investments in the education, financial services, and sustainability industries.


Clairfield Australia partners with Foresters Community Finance, an ethical lender whose mission is to assist the community to prosper together by providing loans to the financially excluded – micro finance. Foresters has been delivering community finance and social investment products in Australia for the past 20 years. Clairfield Australia has provided funds to Foresters and is a shareholder in its impact investment subsidiary, Social Investments Australia. This partnership is aimed at delivering investors an opportunity to use their capital for positive social, environmental, and cultural outcomes while generating an investment return.



Each year many of our country teams engage in local philanthropic and community initiatives. Below is a small sample that inspire us. 


HUG – Tap to donate : Founded and managed by senior advisor Mauro Gambaro in Clairfield Italy, this app chooses 12 different projects to highlight every three months from different charities that comply with transparency and financial rules. Users who donate to a project are kept informed of its progress via the app.

Johanniterorden: The Order of St. John, with origins in the medieval Knights Hospitaller, provides healthcare and rescue services to the elderly and needy in Germany, and comparable services and disaster relief around the world. In addition to the Johanniter Unfall-Hilfe, a services organization with 20,000 professionals and 36,000 volunteers, the order operates over 40 acute care hospitals, nursing homes, and special needs institutions in Central Europe as well as local help organizations for the disabled, elderly, and youth mentoring.

Bürgerstiftung Stuttgart: This foundation works on integrating people into the community, from newcomers to the city and immigrants, to the elderly, and at-risk youth.

Alivi:  This Brazilian foundation cares for homeless or abandoned children with serious illnesses including HIV and cancer.

Papa Noelada Barcelona: In collaboration with the Red Cross, this annual event collects toys for disadvantaged children, delivered by thousands of motorcyclists dressed as Santa Claus.



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