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Perspectives on digital marketing

Solocal Group, a Euronext-listed digital marketing company, sold its Spanish subsidiary QDQ Media to AS Equity Partners.

Solocal Group (PA:LOCAL) is a major player in the French marketing technology universe, with over EUR 584 million in revenue. The company provides digital marketing and advertising services, as well as transactional and digital content production services. Solocal is a long-standing client of Clairfield International.

QDQ Group is a group of three digital marketing companies. The company initially focused on the sale of printed guidebooks. In 2004 Solocal purchased QDQ and began the digital transformation of the company. SoLocal eventually decided to divest QDQ as there was little synergy between its software platforms and little crossfertilization with its other businesses.

The digital marketing landscape is constantly shifting as marketing moves towards digital and Google eats up an ever larger market share.

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