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Perspectives on fintech

Nets Group, a market leader in the European payments industry, acquired PeP for an enterprise value of EUR 405 million. This is the third deal for Nets, and the fifth e-payment deal in Poland advised by Clairfield International. We are proud to be the top advisor to European midmarket e-payment deals.

The Polish ePłatności company specializes in processing non-cash payments and providing innovative services for business, providing support for payment transactions made with payment cards and other services using POS terminals. With the acquisition of PeP, Nets further strengthens its position in Poland – one of the most attractive geographies in Europe given the low card penetration and double-digit growth in card usage, driven by conversion from cash to card payments.

Fintech team leader Piotr Kolodziejczyk notes that companies in the fintech industry are increasingly active in the M&A space and open to collaborating with each other to broaden their reach. The search for synergies encompasses all aspects of their customer proposition, ranging from geographical coverage through presence in both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar space to access to new payment methods.

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