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Getting deals done in tough times

Many clients advised by Clairfield were able to close M&A transactions even under the current disruptive market conditions. It is gratifying that the innovative, entrepreneurial, and tenacious support by our partners and teams was able to achieve such compelling results.
No doubt the tough environment is here to stay. Buyers and sellers of businesses will have to continue to be flexible in terms of valuation expectations, purchase price mechanisms and documentation. But deals get done. Strategic logic and situational requirements will drive transactions: for a family to move its business to a new stage of growth or transformation from generation to generation, for large groups to divest non-core assets, for impacted companies to redesign their capital structure or private equity investor groups to look at buy and build opportunities in consolidating markets – Clairfield is pleased to assist clients on the basis of tested capabilities in tough markets, our sector expertise, and our crossborder capabilities.
We list below just some of the transactions in which we have helped our clients succeed in the last three months.

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