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India runs on rail, and railways are undergoing a radical change: Success is not measured by numbers alone.

Indrajit Mookerjee, the executive director and vice chairman of Texmaco Rail and Engineering and an executive of the Adventz Group. Texmaco has consistently been the best industry performer and stands out as the market leader. As one out of every four freight cars on Indian railroads has rolled out of Texmaco, Indrajit is an industry expert, business leader, and frequent speaker on the Indian economy.

In this interview, Indrajit explains that railways are going through a radical change, and success is not assessed by looking at the numbers alone but by a “harmonious combination of numbers and the feeling that we have done something good for the corporation, our colleagues, and society.” Above all, he stresses that success is the merger of profit, uniqueness, customer satisfaction, and creating a positive impact.

Read the complete interview from Clairfield Outlook 2023: How do you define success? here.

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