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International investors recognize the strength of Mexican institutions


In an interview with TTRecord, Pablo Coballasi, partner at Clairfield Mexico, analyzed this year’s increase in Mexican M&A activity especially in the manufacturing and  financial sectors.

Pablo notes that manufacturing is growing at a higher rate than the economy, which is especially striking in the face of this year’s political uncertainty and NAFTA renegotiations.

He also notes that the financial sector has benefitted from the opportunities represented by Mexico’s large unbanked population. Clairfield Mexico is very active in advisory to this industry, successfully advising on the acquisition of CAME by Te Creemos, the second-largest micro-finance entity in the country, and the acquisition of PrendaMex by US-based First Cash, the world’s leading pawn shop operator.

With a solid macroeconomic foundation and an attractive projected growth rate, Mexico will continue to attract investment from national and international players.

Read the full interview (in Spanish) here.

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