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Leading firm in Turkey joins Clairfield International


Clairfield International is pleased to announce that Canyon Venture Partners has joined Clairfield International as its exclusive partner for Turkey.

The new Clairfield Turkey, based in Istanbul, was founded in 2013 from the partnership among seasoned financial executives in the region. Founder and chairman Metin Ar served as the president and CEO of Garanti Securities, Garanti Group’s investment banking subsidiary from 1999 to 2013. Prior to that, Metin served as executive vice president & head of corporate banking at TSKB (Turkish Industrial Development Bank). Metin holds a multitude of board member positions at global, industry-leading groups. Niso Adato is founder and president of Clairfield Turkey with 25 years of experience in capital markets. He was the owner and CEO of Prim Menkul Değerler, an affiliate of the Borsa Istanbul investment firm for 18 years before selling his shares in 2013. Niso holds several board member positions as venture partner in various companies.

Clairfield Turkey has a particular focus on sector verticals that align with Clairfield’s: Healthcare, Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Energy, Infrastructure, Financial Services, and Real Estate.

The middle market where Clairfield operates is of special relevance to Turkey. With the turbulent political climate, international investment activity has slowed but Turkey is primed for recovery. The strategic geographical location of Turkey, between Europe, Middle East and Asia, as well as its young and dynamic population offers opportunities.

“We began our collaboration with Clairfield over one year ago,” said Metin. “We were increasingly impressed by the international access offered by the partners and of extreme relevance to Turkish businesses right now.”

Alexander Klemm, chairman of Clairfield International said, “We have taken time to look for an experienced and committed partner in a challenging part of the world which has so much potential. We are pleased to welcome a Turkish partner who knows the Turkish investment landscape inside and out.”

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