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The American Chamber of Commerce in Spain celebrates 100 years since founding


The American Chamber of Commerce in Spain recently celebrated 100 years since its founding. In addition to hosting a commemorative reception attended by important political figures and King Felipe VI of Spain, the “AmCham” as it is known is reflecting on its 100 years giving impulse to the Spanish economy and fomenting transatlantic business relationships, job creation, technological innovation, and social topics including the empowerment of women in leadership in the workplace.

Brian O’Hare, partner of Clairfield International in Spain, has served as vice-president and treasurer of the AmCham for the past 12 years. He has been instrumental in the creation of the AmCham’s current successful structure of more than 300 executives who work on committees pro-bono. These executive represent the most important companies withe a presence in Spain, including multinationals such as Google, Cisco, and Hewlitt-Packard, and every company on the IBEX-35.

“It is gratifying to serve alongside international business leaders to promote the goals of the AmCham, nurturing the economy and promoting important social initiatives. Spain has a business-friendly environment that is also beneficial to the work we do at Clairfield, and the AmCham plays an important role,” says Brian. “The American relationship with Spain should not be underestimated. Spain is a key European partner of the US, both in terms of security, where the US has military facilities in Rota and Morón, and commerce, where the US is the single largest investor in Spain and Spain is a leading FDI investor into the US.”

See the video on 100 years of the AmCham here.

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