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What’s next for AI? Glauco Bigini emphasises the transition from competition to collaboration

One of the hottest topics of the moment is the rise of artificial intelligence, concerns around safety, and whether robots will eventually replace people. In this enlightening interview, Glauco Bigini, chief of technology at e-Novia, talks about how technology is changing the way we work and emphasises the importance of collaboration rather than competition to future-proof businesses.

On the theme of “what’s next?” in the fast-moving tech industry, Glauco says, “With GenAI, we have completed the puzzle: we have automation tools for every task, sensing, motion, vision, and now text production. We must change our mindsets to realise that every part of a company can be intelligent and interact with us. Companies must move towards sustainable intelligence, ensuring technology is a long-term part of their operational fabric.”

Read his interview here.

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