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Clairfield’s global partner meetings bring the worldwide team together again

One of Clairfield’s most cherished values is the strong connection among our 25 country teams. Our quarterly partner meetings, in person once again, are a wonderful opportunity to nurture these connections. Our Q1 meeting in Amsterdam was no exception. Partners from Europe, India, and Australia came together last month for two days of sector, ESG, and best practice discussions, as well as for client presentations.

We were also pleased to offer a Clairfield Academy training session on working with private equity, one of Clairfield’s most important client pools. These Clairfield Academy training sessions are part of our commitment to educating and mentoring young talent and creating bonds among our junior staff worldwide.

Preparations are currently underway for our Q2 meeting and Clairfield Academy workshop to be held in Prague on June 16-17th. Meanwhile we are pleased to share a taste of our Amsterdam meeting. See the video here.

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