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Pulse Diagnostics, a leading diagnostic firm in eastern India, entered into a strategic joint venture with Neuberg Diagnostics.


Drapeau India

Strategic partnership with

Advisor to Pulse Diagnostics

Bhuruka Gases Limited, an Indian supplier of specialty, rare, industrials and liquid gas products owned by the Agarwal family, entered into a strategic partnership with SOL S.p.A, based in Italy.

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Drapeau India Drapeau Italy

Strategic partnership

Advisor to Bhuruka Gases Limited

Promoters of Quadra Medical Services Pvt. Ltd received strategic investment from a consortium of private investors.


Drapeau India

Strategic investment

Advisor to Quadra

Weldon Biotech India Private Limited, an Indian manufacturer and distributor of in vitro diagnostic products (IVD), sold its i-chroma brand business (Boditech Med Inc., Korea) to CPC Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd., a leading provider of clinical diagnostic products and services and the Indian subsidiary of Singaporean group Everlife.

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Drapeau India Drapeau Singapore

sold its i-chroma business to

Advisor to the seller