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“Success is a journey, not an endpoint,” says Yasuo Nishiguchi, business leader, innovator, and academic

Yasuo Nishiguchi has had a diverse and successful career. The core of his career is over 30 years’ dedication in Kyocera, a Kyoto-based multinational ceramics and electronics manufacturer, during which he led the group’s development to a EUR 10 billion revenue business, as an engineer, president, chairman, and CEO. Undoubtedly, Yasuo is one of the most prominent business leaders in Japan. He currently serves as chairman of Yamada Consulting Group, Clairfield’s exclusive partner in Japan. He is also the executive director of Japan Innovation Network, a public-private partnership that fosters innovation in business. He serves on the boards of several industrial companies. The thread tying his activities together is his academic interest in innovation and technology, backed by his doctorate in technology management.

Read the complete interview from Clairfield Outlook 2023: How do you define success? here.

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