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Clairfield’s Switzerland office was founded in 2013 by senior investment bankers.

Over 80% of our work involves international counterparties. Our focus is the middle-market segment, originating, structuring, and executing buy-side and sell-side transactions between CHF 20 to CHF 500 million in value.

Our local team in Zurich comprises experienced M&A professionals with an average of 20 years´ international experience, plus a bench of well-connected senior advisors, including a former ambassador and lobbyist.

Clairfield’s long, varied and successful track-record across numerous industries is due to the success of our global partnership team.

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Address :

111 Route de Chevrens, 1247 Geneva

Phone :

+41 22 518 0242


Address :

Dunantstrasse 2, 8044 Zürich

Phone :

+41 44 389 8000

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Clairfield International is not engaged in the trading of stocks and does not contact individuals regarding their stock portfolio or personal financial information. If you are an individual who has been contacted by someone claiming to be from Clairfield International regarding the sale of stocks and signing an NDA, disregard the message and block the sender. You may wish to contact your local authorities.